1. See Inside Your Body

“See Inside Your Body is a fantastic resource for teaching our children about the amazing creation that is the human body! Each body system is given a full-page spread, with lots of flaps, color, and bite-sized information nuggets, so children stay interested and get a thorough overview of all the important jobs of our organs and systems! I recommend this (definitely not boring) learning tool for kids as young as preschool, all the way up to moms and dads!”

2. Lift-the-Flap Periodic Table

“I thought for sure my 7 year old would lose interest part way into the book but so not the case!  We read sections at a time because with all the information and flaps it would take a long time in one sitting and each time he totally stayed engaged!  I loved that he started asking questions like, I wonder what would happen if these two elements were put together?  Awesome!”

3. The Amazing Discoveries of 100 Brilliant Scientists

“I love the diverse scientists and interesting discoveries throughout this book. I learned so much from it, even as an adult! My little reader who loves nonfiction devoured it!”