1. The Adventures of King Arthur (Graphic Novel)

“My son is a young 9 and he attends a pretty high achieving school so this summer, he wasn’t much into reading.  (I understand that!)  The day this came in the mail, he read the whole thing.  Part of it with me then finished it on his own that evening.  He didn’t want me to stop reading either.  We plan on buying the whole series now.  “

2. The Mysterious World of Cosentino – The Missing Ace

” I bought this for bedtime reading and it actually gets my kids excited and very into the story, we now read it during the day because we love the little hints they give for my kids to try the magic tricks! The story is super cute and edgy. My girls and my son love it. We also love that it’s based on A REAL MAGICIAN/ILLUSIONIST it’s so cool my kids love talking about it to their friends! Recommend!!”

3. The Mystery of the Clockwork Sparrow

“This book was difficult to put down! Based in a luxurious London department store in the early 1900’s, readers are thrown into a web of mystery as a young girl goes about trying to prove her innocence; with a little help from some friends. It is very well written with plot twists to keep you guessing and imagery to help you feel like you are there. Perfect for young teens, or even some pre-teens, to adults!”