1. Secrets of the Seashore

“My daughter loves this book because she gets to be involved with the storytelling. As I read the page, she will shine her flashlight behind it to find the hidden animals. She picked up on the story really quickly and asks to have it read again and again. The pages are sturdy and the book holds up well to continued use.”

2. On the Space Station – Shine-a-Light

“I was hesitant after I ordered it because I wasn’t sure my girls would like it. I was wrong!!!! My 5 year old loved it. It taught so many great things about spaceships and has sparked her interest to learn more.”

3. Look Inside How Things Work

“This book is so perfect for my curious 5 year old daughter. She especially loved the pages about machines, and about how things work around the house! After reading it a few times, she has started pointing out pipes, levers, cogs, etc. at home and out and about. I love watching her apply the concepts she sees in the book to the world around her!”