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Choose a program to raise money or earn free books.

A lack of access to books can hinder the development and progress of your community.

Illiteracy hurts everyone. Our children deserve more.

Well-informed and educated individuals successfully address social issues, innovate, and thrive.

Books Bring Us Together:

  • Stronger community engagement
  • Better job prospects & higher earning potential
  • Individuals who contribute positively to their local economies

As an educator for over a decade and now a PaperPie Educational Services Representative, I am passionate about sharing a love of literacy with all children in our communities.

In 2023, I worked with some amazing people just like you to support children and families. Together we donated:

  1. 125 brand new books
  2. Over $2,750 to organizations

How It Works


Choose a Program

Find a program that meets your needs. Are you looking to raise funds or earn books? Maybe both?


Schedule a Date

Coordinate a date with your representative to get your program up and running!


Earn Benefits

Enjoy the rewards you earned. Immerse yourself in the journey of great books.

Fundraising Programs

Book Fairs

Cards for a Cause

Reach for the Stars

Literacy for a Lifetime

Book Fairs

We offer hassle-free, in-person, virtual, and hybrid book fair options to make it simple, flexible, and fun for you to reach your goals. Hassle-free means we help make your event simple and convenient and take care of all the details!

Our book fairs include STEAM toys (as an option); there’s something for everyone!

Here’s What You Can Earn!

Free Book Rewards:
Earn free books equal to 50% of the total event sales. Choose from any available titles.

Cash Rewards:
Earn 10%-25% in cash of the total event sales.

Free Book & Cash:
Talk to your Educational Services Representative to discuss customized options for your organization.

Cards for a Cause

Impactful fundraising; generous rewards!

We make fundraising simple and fun! Cards for a Cause is a simple greeting card sales fundraiser. Card boxes cost $30 each and contain 30 beautiful cards*. $13 of each box sold is returned to your organization at the end of the event—that’s a 43% return!

You can get started today! Your Educational Services Representative will help you every step of the way!

Reach for the Stars!!

The perfect opportunity to boost literacy in your community!

Most experts believe that the biggest obstacle to literacy is a lack of time spent between the pages of a great book. Reach for the Stars!! challenges readers to devote 30 minutes a day to reading (or being read to) and the pledged money raised goes towards books and cash for the organization, plus books for the reader!

100% of pledges support your organization!

Literacy for a Lifetime

50% grant matching for books

In need of books? PaperPie Learning is proud to offer the Literacy for a Lifetime grant matching program to support schools, businesses, organizations, and partners who share a common mission to promote literacy.

Through this program, grant or donation funds purchase PaperPie books and learning tools. We generously extend a 50% match in free products!

Did You Know?

  • Children with at least 500 books in their home, complete an average of 3.2 MORE years of education.
  • Creating a steady stream of new, age-appropriate books has been shown to nearly triple interest in reading.
  • Reading aloud is more impactful than: tests, book reports, homework, flash cards, worksheets, and even parents’ education level.

You could make an incredible difference in a child’s life through a simple online party.

The best part is all you have to do is invite your friends and I do the rest of the work!

What Other Parents Are Saying

My son never considered himself a reader, which really saddened me since I love books. Brittany changed that. He gets excited now when he can enjoy a book!

Valerie M.

My son loathed reading. He was diagnosed with ADHD, and there wasn’t a book that interested him. Brittany’s book recommendations were spot on! I feel like a whole new world has opened up for him and can honestly say, if not for meeting Brittany, we wouldn’t be where we are now.

Deidre D.

Because of Brittany, my son has gained so much confidence. He and I frequently dive into the wonderful world of books together, making some wonderful memories.

Julie B.

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