Hats Off to Mr. Pockles! Book ReviewIn Hats Off to Mr. Pockles! you will meet a very sophisticated dachshund who has a hat for every occasion that you can imagine. He even has a hat encased in glass that he is saving for a very special day. However, for someone reason, he does not have any friends.

His greatest desire is to attend the PandaPolitan Club’s Hat Day, but there is no hope in his attending since it is exclusively for pandas. One morning he finds himself at a treat house where he encounters a panda in the midst of a crisis.

He decides then and there that he is the perfect person to help in this situation. The solution involves his many hats, as well as his most prized one. His willingness leads to a wonderful new group of friends and a special invitation.


The illustrations are beautiful and lively. I love David Litchfield‘s unique style and the way he combines colors. In this book he has even creatively drawn Mr. Pockles’ house to be in the shape of a hat.

Read Aloud

Watch the author read this book with her hat and her pets!

She is currently hosting a “Stay at Home Story Time” on Thursday and Sundays on Instagram Live. They are also uploading these videos to Facebook.

Teaching Opportunities

  • This book will lead to great discussions about showing kindness to others.
    • How has someone shown kindness to you recently?
    • In what way can you show kindness to someone else today?
  • It would also lend itself to lessons regarding sharing, especially sharing items that are very meaningful to you.
  • For a deeper discussion, you could also touch on the subject of empathy. This is more than just observing a need, it is unselfishly walking alongside those who are experiencing sadness.
    • Mr. Pockles had no intention of gaining an invitation to the PandaPolitan Club. His only desire was to help the panda bear in need.

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Book Review Hats Off to Mr. Pockles!

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