As you might have noticed, I love to share great children’s books with you. One of the pleasures of this job is meeting others who feel the same way. Recently I met Renee from Blossoming Through Books who is creating incredible book club resources for girls. I love that she describes herself as “just your average book girl who loves Jesus, book clubs, book reviews… and all things books!” We hit it off right away!

Alongside homeschooling her children, she also successfully shares her website as a women’s ministry tool that is designed to help you discover the heart of a successful book club. They exist to see women raised up and encouraged as leaders to facilitate their own book clubs.

Blossoming Through Books and its many free resources will empower you to create life-giving and Christ centered atmospheres where members can flourish and passionately pursue who God designed them to be.

Blossoming Through Books Book Club Kits for Girls. Image of Charlotte's Web by E.B. White and clipboard with a selection of questions from the book club guide.

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Blossoming Through Books: Book Club Kits

Do you have little women in your life who love to read and are willing to bless their friends by running a girls’ book club? These resources are aimed for girls aged 8-12 years old to confidently facilitate their very own book clubs.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose a book.
  2. Gather a group together.
  3. Read & discuss!

This precious discipleship time is a valuable investment in your girls. Books have the power to bring people together, especially from seemingly very different backgrounds. This opportunity can positively impact your child and help her to learn life skills that will become important as an adult.

Charlotte’s Web Book Club Kit

I had the pleasure of writing the book guide for E.B. White’s, Charlotte’s Web. This is a sweet story of a enduring friendship, the cycle of life and death, hope, perseverance, and not judging a person (or spider!) by what they are instead of their character.

The guide includes questions that help to lead discussions towards considering our ultimate purpose and how we can meaningfully contribute to our communities.

If you enjoy book guides that help you to discuss great books with your readers, be sure to check out some of my other reviews on this blog!

Book Club Resources Coming in April

One of Renee’s goals (and mine, too!) is to help families find great book club resources that will allow them to read, as well as grow in community through meaningful conversation and time together.

What will be available:

  • Book Club Journals
  • Book Club Guides
  • Leader’s Notes (for young aspiring leaders)

These resources will be made available for FREE to download exclusively through Blossoming Through Books, via the website starting April 1st.

For more information, access to member only resources, and to keep up to date with BTB for Girls be sure to subscribe to the email list for monthly updates.

After you do, be sure to tell me in the comments about the book you’re choosing for your book club! Which one are you most excited about?