During 2022, I read 40 books, which was much more than I expected to read. Our daughter was born in July, and from that time, I started to listen to audiobooks while feeding her. It turns out, those middle of the night feedings allowed me to get a lot of reading accomplished! With all of that reading, I decided to pick out my favorites to share with you. Here is my list of the 11 best books to read in 2022.

The 11 Best Books to read in 2022. Image of woman lying on a couch with a book laying across her stomach.

I am hopeful that sharing this list with you will help you quickly and easily choose the perfect book so you will have more time to read, building a lasting and loving relationship with your child. As I mentioned, many of these books were audiobooks for me. I downloaded them using Hoopla, which is the app that my local library uses to circulate audiobooks. I would highly recommend that you find out what your library uses and check out books through their audiobook app.

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My Favorite Novels That I Read in 2022

Cry, the Beloved Country
by Alan Paton

I read Cry, the Beloved Country at the very beginning of the year and it’s stuck with me since then. The story was written in 1948 and it takes place in South Africa. It is about the challenges between a pastor and his son, how they relate to one another and also to the racial injustice in their country. I just learned that it’s a movie starring James Earl Jones and Richard Harris. I’m looking forward to watching it soon!

Harlem Shuffle
by Colson Whitehead

I have read several books by Colson Whitehead. My first being The Underground Railroad, followed by Nickel Boys. Both were Pulitzer Prize winners, difficult content to read, but still drew you in because they are so well written. So, I was eager to read Harlem Shuffle after its release. This was a fantastic book.

Harlem Shuffle is a crime novel that takes place in Harlem, following a salesman named Ray Carney. His father was a crook and Ray desires to move away from that lifestyle and the people associated with it. At the same time, he is drawn to it. He’s thrown between these two ways of living, making you want to cheer for him and despise him all at the same time.

by Susanna Clarke

Piranesi tops my list of the best books to read in 2022. I picked up this book at the recommendation of a friend, not knowing anything about it. I have to say, I think that helped to contribute to my enjoyment of the story and it’s also the reason I’m not going to share too much about it here.

Susanna Clarke did a masterful job of writing this story. In her writing, she told the story concisely. There is just enough information to draw you in, make you wonder, and then still leave you with some questions. Get it. Read it, and then let me know what you think!

Hannah Coulter
by Wendell Berry

i have made a new BFF and her name is Hannah Coulter. *It’s getting pretty serious…. we’re braiding friendship bracelets as we speak!* Sure, she’s a book character. But we get each other. Has this ever happened to you? Don’t you just hate to leave some characters behind when you finish a book?

This is the third book that I’ve read in Wendell Berry’s Port William Membership series and I think about it often. Hannah narrates this story as an elderly woman, recounting her life that has included two husbands, a beautiful community of people, and also an appreciation for working the land she lives on.

by Daphne Du Maurier

I listened to Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier just before Halloween and it was the perfect book for the season. It is about a young girl who becomes the second wife of Maxim de Winter, a wealthy man she meets while on holiday. Uncomfortable living in her new home because she doesn’t feel welcome by the staff or comfortable in the home still kept in the ways of the late Rebecca de Winter. Over time she begins to learn more about her husband, as well as the circumstances that led to the first wife’s death.

After you read the book, be sure to check out Hitcock’s movie version of the story and also the newer version available on Netflix.

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn
by Betty Smith

I didn’t expect to love this book as much as I did. A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is a beautiful story that follows the life of Francie Nolan as she grows up in the borough of New York. Her family is an erratic group of characters, but they love one another well. I appreciated this book because of the family’s devotion to each other. Their lives were hard and they relied on one another, something we can all relate to whether we live it or desire it.

Beatryce Prophecy
by Kate DiCamillo

If you have been around here for any amount of time, then you know that I love Kate DiCamillo’s writing. The Beatryce Prophecy was a fantastic story about a stubborn goat, a monk, a young boy, and a mysterious child. An unlikely crew that holds fast to a secret they know would dethrone the king. It’s an exciting adventure with fantastic character development.

I also read Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo this year. I don’t usually get into books about animals, but this one left me thinking. The story line is more so focused on the young boy who is dealing with the loss of his mother. He has trouble expressing his grief because his father, who is also grieving, demands that he hold it in. This book had my crying in the end. DiCamillo is a fantastic writer!

The War that Saved My Life
by Kimberly Brubaker Bradley

The War that Saved My Life was a beautiful story that takes place in England during World War II. A young girl and her brother are sent away from London to live with families in the countryside. After being in the big city with their cruel, unloving mother, they have mixed emotions regarding the joy they experience amidst such a difficult time. Ada, the eldest child who has a twisted foot, is learning to love herself after being lied to about her physical appearance and also her intelligence. It’s a beautiful book about family, courage, and finding joy in unlikely places.

There is also a sequel to this book called The War I Finally Won.

My Favorite Non-fiction Books of 2022

Where Your Treasure Is: Psalms that Summon You from Self to Community
by Eugene Peterson

Eugene Peterson’s books never cease to challenge me spiritually. Where Your Treasure Is includes 11 Psalms that help us to move from focusing on ourselves to intentionally praying and focusing on our community. His overall goal is to encourage people to prayerfully change American society from the inside out. It’s beautiful and encouraging. As a result of this book, I plan to read through the Psalms this year and take the time to journal about each one.

Answering God: The Psalms as Tools for Prayer is another fantastic book that helped me to use the psalms intentionally and make a plan for how I want to study them in 2023.

The Go-Giver
by Bob Burg

Technically The Go-Giver is a fiction book, but it can also classified as a self-help book. I thought it was most appropriate to place it in this category. The Go-Giver is a parable about a man who is overworked and extremely self-focused. He reaches out to a wealthy business leader in hopes of making a sale, but instead, learns a series of business lessons that change his life.

I was so encouraged by this book and have the intention to apply these same principles to my own business this year. I’m excited to see the outcome!

Art and Faith: A Theology of Making
by Mokoto Fujimura

In the last few years, I have made a point to read and learn more about art. This is an area that I have very little experience or expertise. Art and Faith was a great read because it helped to tie together my knowledge of theology and help me to see art in light of it. Creating is a spiritual experience and many people who take the time to create are expressing that. This book has helped me to view art more carefully and think about it differently than i did before.

Final Thoughts on The Best Books to Read in 2022

I hope this list of the best books to read in 2022 inspires you to read something new this year! I always try to pull books from a variety of genres. My goal is to help you quickly and easily choose the perfect book so you will have more time to read.

Best wishes to you in the coming year!

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