Don’t let your child miss out on the adventures of reading…

There are a lot of bad books out there. And if that’s the majority of what your child sees, they might start to think that reading is boring. But…
finding quality kids’ books isn’t always easy.

Why we love Usborne Books & More

I was a little leery at first. Are these books really all that special? 
And then I bought my first two books, and our whole family was hooked.

My first impression of Usborne Books was they were too advanced for my toddler, and when the time came, I’d just borrow some from the library to save money.

But browsing the shelves one day and seeing topics that I was excited to read such as “What is the moon?” and“See Inside Ancient Cities”, I couldn’t help but get them. These two were a perfect fit for our family because my husband studies ancient literature, and Rue had been repeatedly asking about the moon every time we went outside….for going on a few months.

We brought them home and read them over and over again. She loves the flaps that she can lift to see what’s underneath. Already she can excitedly tell you that the moon is made of rock! And in Ancient Greece they use to practice sports naked! 

Now I understand that she will read these books for years to come. And a one-time check-out from the library just isn’t enough time to absorb all of the information. These are the books I wish had when I was a child. And they’re the books I’ll keep to pass down to my grandchildren. Without a doubt, these books nourish mind and heart.

We Agree…

Your child deserves to experience the magic of reading. 

Usborne has helped even the pickiest reader fall in love with great books. And we can help your little reader find their new favorite book that they can read for years to come.

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