As parents, we know the magic of storytelling can captivate a child’s imagination and create cherished memories. What if we could take that magic a step further? Imagine the delight on your child’s face as they become active participants in their favorite stories. With these 14 creative interactive storytelling props, you can turn reading time into an engaging adventure that sparks imagination and fosters a love for literature.

Along with this list of storytelling props, I also wanted to highlight storytelling games. There are a plethora to choose from, but I found two on Etsy that your family might enjoy. Be sure to check out The Storymatic and Magical Story Jars. Let your kids pick magical elements and watch as their narratives come to life. Dive into the world of interactive storytelling with these gems!

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14 interactive storytelling props to elevate reading time by The Miraculous Journey of Books at Image of masks and props on sticks that are typically used in a photo booth.

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Felt Storyboards

Gather felt pieces that correspond to characters and scenes from a story like Pete the Cat. Let your child arrange and rearrange the felt elements on a storyboard while narrating the tale, giving them control over the story’s progression.

Pictured here is a felt board from TinyFeat and Pete the Cat felt scenes from Tracy Dream Garden on Etsy.

Story Stones

Paint or print images onto smooth stones to represent story elements. Your child can draw stones from a bag and weave those elements into their imaginative retelling.

Puppet Sets

Bring characters to life with finger puppets or hand puppets. Encourage your child to act out scenes or invent their own stories using these charming props. I love these finger puppets from DanRiley Designs.

Magnet Sets

Set up a magnetic surface (or use your refrigerator!) with characters and props. As the story unfolds, your child can move the pieces around, adding their personal touch to the narrative. This is a sweet magnet set from Kidmunication Fun on Etsy of Little Blue Truck that any toddler would love!

Paper Plate Characters

Craft paper plate masks or puppets resembling characters from the story. Your child can hold up the characters as they join you on the storytelling adventure. Your family will have so much fun with these storytelling props! The possibilities are endless.

Pop-Up Books

Create pop-up elements that coincide with pivotal moments in the story. These delightful surprises will captivate your child’s attention as the narrative unfolds. I love to use make your own pop-up books like this one featuring mermaids from PaperPie. They also have a great selection of Pop-Up Shadow Story Books. Our family’s favorite is The Three Little Pigs. Read these books with a flashlight! When you shine a light onto the pop-up images, a shadow reveals a new image.

Sound Effects Cards

Prepare cards with sound effects like animal noises, “Roar!!” or weather sounds “pitter patter”. As you read, your child can choose the appropriate card to enhance the storytelling experience.

Texture Cards

Craft cards or gather objects with various textures that match tactile sensations described in the story. Your child can engage multiple senses as they touch and feel the story world.

Shadow Puppets

Craft shadow puppets and use a light source to project their silhouettes onto a screen or wall. Your child’s narration comes to life in the form of dancing shadows. Etsy also has a great selection of pre-made puppets that you can check out. One of my favorites is the shadow theater from YourMagicTales.

Story Masks

Design masks depicting story characters. Encourage your child to put on the masks and step into the roles, making the story truly come alive. Dan Riley Designs also has a great selection of masks from many popular stories and kid TV shows!

Story Cubes

Create dice with images or words related to different story elements. Rolling the dice adds an element of surprise to your child’s storytelling. I love these sweet wooden story cubes from Blackbird Fly Company on Etsy.

Props in a Bag

Fill a bag with objects symbolizing key story items. Your child can pull out each prop as the story progresses, deepening their engagement. This is also a great way to make up a story of your own. Whatever prop you pull out of the bag you have to use in the next part of your story. This could be very funny!

Character Puzzles

Construct puzzles featuring characters or scenes from the story. Assembling the puzzle piece by piece mirrors the unfolding narrative. There are many great puzzles to choose from. One of our family’s favorite stories is the Billie B. Brown series from PaperPie. This puzzle includes a book to read aloud while you are working on the puzzle!

Some other favorite character puzzles include Peter Rabbit, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz.

Interactive Maps

Design a map of the story’s setting. Your child can explore the story’s world with their fingers or by placing small figurines on the map.

Incorporating these interactive storytelling props can transform your reading time from passive to participatory. As you and your child embark on these imaginative adventures together, you’re not just reading stories—you’re living them. Through these props, stories become a shared experience that fosters creativity, empathy, and a lifelong love for reading. So, gather your props, open a book, and let your child’s imagination take flight!