Last year, I stumbled upon this fantastic gadget that’s been a game-changer in our household— the Yoto Player. Now, you know how crazy life gets with kids, and finding ways to combine learning and play can be a bit of a juggling act. As a former elementary school teacher turned book guru for busy moms, anything that makes life easier and more fun is a win in my book!

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A Versatile, Screen-Free Audio Player for Kids

The Yoto Player, my friend, is a real gem. It’s not just a device; it’s a whole experience tailored for curious young minds. One of the things that got me hooked right away is its versatility. You can listen and learn all in one neat package. And let me tell you, it’s been a lifesaver in keeping my son entertained and engaged.

The first time my son put the Yoto Player to use was on a long car drive that we took as a family. He plugged in his headphones (you can also listen to it through the speaker), picked out a card, and then he listened. For a loooong time. It was glorious! He was happy, we were happy. The ride was smooth and pleasant for all.

There are also options to:

  • listen to a daily podcast for kids,
  • set it to white noise,
  • or use it as an “okay-to-wake” alarm clock.

Now, as someone who’s passionate about teaching reading and fostering a love for books, the Yoto Player aligns perfectly with my mission. It’s not just about mindless screen time; it’s about sparking imagination and curiosity through audio adventures and educational content.

Yoto Player Mini

We personally use the Yoto Player Mini. I don’t have a lot of experience with the full size version, but I’ve read quite a few reviews that say they are equally great. I thought the Mini would be best for us because it was smaller and it cost less.


Speaking of which, audiobooks are a big hit in our household. The Yoto Player’s library is a treasure trove of fantastic stories, and the best part? It’s super easy for kids to navigate. No more fumbling with complicated controls. My son can pick out a story without any trouble.

I also appreciate the educational aspect of the Yoto Player. It’s not just about entertainment; it’s about learning too. From interactive learning cards to a variety of content that spans everything from history to science, it’s like having a mini classroom at your fingertips. Perfect for homeschool resources and hands-on learning moments.

With new cards coming out all the time, I’m always keeping an eye out to add to our collection. Currently, I’m excited about the Beatles Music Cards coming out soon!

Make Your Own Card

One of our favorite features is the “Make Your Own” card. We recently received a collection of Curious George stories that my son was obsessively asking us to read aloud to him! During one of our reading times, I recorded myself reading. Later, I added the voice recording to our “Make Your Own” card and he can listen to me reading the stories as often as he’d like! My husband and my son’s grandmother also read a couple of stories. He loves having the variety of readers, and it makes it special since he doesn’t see his grandmother very often.


And let’s not forget the play aspect. Kids learn best when they’re having fun, right? The Yoto Player offers cards that incorporates games and activities that are not just entertaining but also sneak in some valuable lessons. It’s a win-win for us parents who want to balance education and playtime.

Yoto Player Accessories

We have added a set of headphones and also a protective jacket to keep it safe from my rough and tumble little boy. I felt that these two things were essential for us while we are on the go!

Favorite Yoto Player Stories

There is a vast library of great stories to choose from! Here are some favorites:

As a mom who understands the struggle of finding the right resources for our little ones, the Yoto Player has earned its spot in our daily routine. It’s become an essential tool in my mission to help busy moms, like you, easily integrate learning and play into your kids’ lives. So, if you’re on the lookout for something that’s not just a gadget but a companion in your parenting journey, give the Yoto Player a whirl. Trust me; your kids will thank you, and you might just get a few moments of peace and quiet too! Happy listening and learning! 🌟