One of my favorite perks of my job is not just finding and reading quality books, but also beautiful books. Children’s books have introduced me to a world of fantastic and talented artists. From whimsical illustrations that transport readers to fantastical realms to vibrant covers that promise adventure, a quality children’s book aesthetic is a feast for the eyes. As we welcome the vibrant season of spring, it’s the perfect time to display children’s book covers adorned with the blossoms of creativity and the hues of renewal on our shelves.

Children’s book illustrations blend storytelling with visual artistry to captivate young minds and stir imaginations. They bring the story to life and help us to make more sense of the words written on each page. Whether it’s the intricate details of a fairy-tale kingdom or the antics of our favorite characters, illustrations hold the power to ignite a lifelong love for stories. In this list you will find some of my favorite stories (so you’re getting quality, not just beauty!) from picture books to kids’ chapter books with covers that embody the essence of spring.


Children's Book Aesthetic: Spring. Own Beautiful Books. Image of book covers from Pride and Prejudice, The Complete Book of Flower Fairies, Secret Garden, Birds, The Wrong Fairy Tale.

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Fingerwiggly Worms
by Felicity Brooks

Fingerwiggly Worms is one of my daughter’s favorite books! We read it regularly and I just love the sweet illustrations full of flowers, bright green leaves, and also friendly garden friends.

for ages 1+ years old

Little Homesteader: A Spring Treasury of Recipes, Crafts, and Wisdom
by Angela Ferraro-Fanning & AnneliesDraws

The cover of Little Homesteader has so much life and whimsy! I love the flowers and small ducks. This children’s book truly has a spring aesthetic, and the content is perfect for this time of the year, too.

for ages 2-8 years old

We are the Gardeners
by Joanna Gaines

for ages 3-7 years old

Goldilocks and the Three Little Pigs
by Tracey Turner

I love the book covers (and all the illustrations!) in The Wrong Fairy Tale series. Each one is full of flowers and other whimsical details that remind me of spring. The stories are a mash-up of two favorite fairy tales, retold in a way that includes elements from both stories, but with a twist! You’ll love sharing these with your kids as bedtime stories.

for ages 3+ years old

Escargot and the Search for Spring
by Dashka Slater & Sydney Hanson

This brand new book about the cute, French snail is a must for your spring shelves. Follow Escargot as he ventures out at the start of spring.

for ages 4-6 years old

The Big Book of Blooms
by Yuval Zommer, Elisa Biondi Scott Taylor, & Barbara Taylor

The Big Book of Blooms is such a treat to flip through! I love the illustrations on each page, their deep colors inspiring me to get out in the yard and add to our home garden.

for ages 4-7 years old

Lilly & Friends: A Picture Book Treasury
by Kevin Henkes

All of Kevin Henkes books are worth adding to your shelves, but I especially love the mouse picture books. In this treasury you will find Lilly, Chrysanthemum, Owen, Wemberly, Sheila Rae, Julius, Chester, and Wendel on all of their many adventures.

for ages 4-8 years old

Secrets of the Vegetable Garden: Shine-a-Light
by Carron Brown

Read this Shine-a-Light book with a flashlight! As you shine a light behind each page, an image appears. Secrets of the Vegetable Garden is a great way to introduce plant cycles to your child, but you’ll also love the children’s book aesthetic in addition to the others on your shelves.

for ages 4-8 years old

Where Happiness Lives
by Barry Timms

Where Happiness Lives is my favorite book published by Kane Miller Books. I love the beautiful illustrations, which remind me of spring, the cut outs on each page, and also the sweet story about finding happiness right where you are.

for ages 4-8 years old

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies
by Cicely Mary Barker 

The Complete Book of the Flower Fairies is a gorgeous book filled with beautiful illustrations and poems.

for ages 4+ years old

A New Nest is Noisy
by Dianna Hutts Aston & Sylvia Long   

A New Nest is Noisy is part of the Nature Books, a collection of nature encyclopedias for kids. Honestly, each of the books in this collection would fit in this list of Children’s Book Aesthetic: Spring! Be sure to check out all six of the books.

for ages 5-6 years old

A World Full of Nature Stories: 50 Folktales and Legends
by Angela McAllister

Sharing folktales and legends with your kids is important because so many of these tales of old are referenced in today’s stories. Plus, the characters and events have so much to teach our young readers! A World Full of Nature is a perfect addition to your home library because of its perfect cover.

for ages 5-8 years old

Explore! America’s National Parks
by Krista Langlois

I received Explore! America’s National Parks a few years ago and it has inspired so many family trips since then! The illustrations are soft and comforting. They invite you right in and make you want to travel.

for ages 7+ years old

Nature All Around: Birds
by Pamela Hickman & Carolyn Gavin

Birds is part of the Nature All Around series, which also includes Plants, Trees, and Bugs. I love that each book encourages kids to truly observe and appreciate nature that is around them.

for ages 7-10 years old

Anne of Green Gables
by L. M. Montgomery

Anne of Green Gables is such a sweet story and almost a right of passage for young readers. I think displaying the Wordsworth Collector’s Edition in your home would help you to easily decorate for spring.

for ages 8+ years old

The Secret Garden (Painted Editions)
by Frances Hodgson Burnett


Right before this particular edition of The Secret Garden came out, I read it with my book club. I purchased a copy (that also has a beautiful cover), but this one stopped me in my tracks. It is gorgeous! So, I might have two copies of The Secret Garden now…

for ages 13+ years old

Jane Austen: Puffin in Bloom
by Rifle Paper Co.

Every time Anna Bond from Rifle Paper Co touches paint to canvas, she creates something truly lovely. I own each of these books already, but I am definitely adding a second copy of each one to my home. The Puffin in Bloom books are the perfect edition to your spring decor!

Sense and Sensibility
by Jane Austen

Sense and Sensibility is already on this list of Children’s Book Aesthetic: Spring, but I couldn’t resist adding this particular book published by Ballard Classics. I thought the peacocks were so beautiful and would add the perfect spring feel to any home.

Want a Children’s Book Aesthetic Year-Round?

I would love to hear about other books you would include in a children’s book aesthetic round-up for spring. Be sure to share about them in the comments below! And don’t forget, if you would like some recommendations regarding additional books, please be sure to fill out my quick request form to get a list of free book recommendations.