Print Your Etsy Digital Downloads
How to Print Your Etsy Digital Downloads

So you’re interested in purchasing digital downloads from Etsy but feel intimated by printing it yourself? 

I completely understand! This objection comes up all the time, and it’s no wonder because many people don’t even have a printer in their home. So what do you do with those lovely printables? I have three easy steps to help you get those gorgeous prints on your walls in no time!

*I use affiliate links to share products with you. If you use the link to make a purchase, the cost of the book doesn’t go up for you. However, I will receive a commission and I do appreciate your support.

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1. Download Your Digital Files

After purchase files will be available to download immediately. You can find them in your email inbox or under ‘Purchases’ in your Etsy profile. Click on your photo in the right hand corner of Etsy to access. Read this if you have any trouble.

Print Your Etsy Digital Downloads - Psalm 90
Psalm 90 print

2. Print Your Downloads

Next, upload your files to a printing service like one of the ones listed below. It’s easy and their site will walk you through the process. Some even offer delivery! If you’re confident in using your at-home printer, then by all means use that.

I recommend printing on thick, matte paper, smooth card stock, or giclee art paper.

Do not apply color correction.

A few options for great printing services:

Peter Pan nursery decor

3. Frame Your Print

Buy frames to complete the look. Target, Michales, and Wal-Mart all offer great frame options. But I also love the selections below. Order them when you place your printing order and they should arrive shortly after.






Thank you for supporting our small business! We’re thrilled to make art affordable and accessible for everyone. Because art is for you, too.


By now I hope you feel confident to print your own Etsy digital downloads. Please take a minute to check out some of our other resources to help you create a culture of reading in your home.



Don’t forget to check out our 8 Simple Design Tips to tell your family’s story.


By now I hope you feel confident to print your own Etsy digital downloads.Print Your Etsy Digital<div id=