Do you have young explorers in your family? I sure do! My son loves to be outside as much as he possibly can, so we are excited to host an explorers camp for him. Enjoying nature has so many benefits, so I try to encourage his joy by sharing books about nature and the things he loves to do outdoors. From nonfiction books filled with facts about National Parks to fictional stories about other adventurers exploring the wild, it’s fun to imagine yourself beyond the boundaries of your back yard through these stories.

I love to pair these books with some exciting outdoor activities. Be sure to check out my post, 110 Outdoor Activities for Kids to Enjoy Nature. It has a list of great ways for the whole family to enjoy being outside and also some more books, too!

Activity + Book Pairings for Kids Who Love Nature. Image of hiking path through a grove of tall trees.

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Books for Kids Who Like Hatchet

When I started making this list, Gary Paulsen was the main author who came to mind. His love for the Pacific Northwest shines in his writing and quickly draws any reader in. He is especially passionate about his dogs and wrote the story of life his, My Life in Dog Years, by telling about major events that took place alongside the many dogs he raised.

If you aren’t familiar with Gary Paulsen’s work, I recommend that you pick up one of his books. And, if you are familiar with his stories, you will also enjoy the other books on this list!

Books About Weather Perfect for Explorers Camp

There are many aspects and sub-categories to consider when making a list of books about the outdoors. One of the books that are most requested are books about weather. My personal favorites in this category come from PaperPie, which includes books like Wild Weather and also The Storm Watcher Weather Lab from SMARTLab Toys.

Books About Trees

Trees is another topic that I know interests many kids! They are a fascinating species that tell us so much about our amazing world. Plus, I haven’t met a kid who doesn’t love to climb a good tree! I always like to recommend books like Secrets of the Apple Tree where you shine a light behind each page to make an image appear, or the lift-the-flap book called Why Do We Need Trees? that is filled with lots of facts behind each flap.

Books for Young Explorers

Use the following book list to inspire your child’s love of the great outdoors. If you would like additional recommendations, I would be happy to email you a list of books that would be a good fit for your reader based on his or her interests. Just fill out my survey and I’ll get back to you during our next nap time!

by Pete Oswald

for ages 2-5

Wonder Walkers
by Micha Archer

for ages 3-7

Explorers of the Wild
by Cale Atkinson

for ages 4-8

Explore! America’s National Parks
by Krista Langlois

for ages 7+

24 Hours in Antarctica

for ages 7+

I Like the Outdoors…What Jobs are There?
by Carron Brown

for ages 7+

Bear Grylls Adventures: The Desert Challenge
by Bear Grylls

for ages 7-10

Survival Camp
by Bear Grylls

for ages 8-13

Outdoor Science Lab
by SMARTLab Toys

for ages 8+

Adventure is Out There
by Jenni Lazell

for ages 8-12

The Lost Art of Reading Nature’s Signs
by Tristan Gooley

by Gary Paulsen

for ages 9+

The Adventure is Now
by Jess Redman

for ages 9-11

A Girl’s Guide to the Wild: Be an Adventure-Seeking Outdoor Explorer!
by Ruby McConnell

for ages 9-12


Want More Books About Nature to Create Your Own Explorers Camp?

I would love to hear about other books you would include in an explorers camp. Be sure to share about them in the comments below! And don’t forget, if you would like some recommendations regarding different books, please be sure to fill out my quick request form to get a list of free book recommendations.

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